Who is your stranger?

Anyone who is unknown or unacquainted; is dictionary defined as a stranger. 

We believe that there are strangers everywhere, and forgetting that we too are strangers to others.

You will agree with me that apart from your immediate family, every other person in your life today was once tagged ‘Stranger’ 

You know everybody if you can just help yourself to be more social.

Your inability to accept the promptness of the still small voice urging you to approach someone makes you and that person to be a stranger.

Do you know that the lady you called a stranger today is a Sister, aunty, girlfriend of someone? 

Do you know that the guy you called a stranger today is someone’s staff in the office?

That man out there is someone’s husband, father, uncle, sugar daddy, and even a political mentor.

What about the Madam that you met at the park, she is a boss, a mother, a sister, a friend to someone you know

Your INABILITY to KNOW the PERSON THEY KNOW makes you call them strangers. 

Your inability to approach them to help them or be helped makes you call them strangers. 

You don’t have any stranger out there, we are only the strangers in our minds.  

Like the attached photo, all you need is turn your phone to the other side, …  That’s the only thing you need to do to know someone you were to call stranger. 

If you have read this post here, just know that I’m not a stranger to you. Approach me for me to help you or for you to help me, you will be shocked that it’s the best decision ever. 

Be open to helping people. That’s all you need.

I’m here to be your friend, slide into my dm on Social Media let’s talk about life, business, Nigeria, politics, travels, Dubai, USA elections, etc.

I’m Amb Godson Oniuko 

De Ikenga 1 of NORLAND