Wow, Happy New Month to You! And welcome to The 30 Days Road Map to Success In Norland

The System that brought us together promises complete health and financial independence.
We have seen all the promises being fulfilled right before our eyes. Many desire to be among those that have testified, either for health or financial breakthrough, but the reality seems very unclear. This is the top reason why this series is put together.

10/10 Connection Campaign is a team of expert in Norland with proven track record of great success. Her leadership have decided to hold you by the hand and lead you through a special path to success in Norland. As a team, we have tested this path with results and have seen and learnt the dos and dots of the Norland System and have decided to help you succeed faster than the average.

Road Map

The 30 Days Road Map is a simplified guide, carefully crafted by experts who have succeed in the Wellness Industry. Each day for 30 straight days, there are topics you need to master to help you fly in this business.
If you can carefully follow the 30 days Road Map to Success In Norland, you will save yourself stress, time, energy, and money and in turn enjoy all the beautiful things in this amazing company.

Just to remind you of some of the beautiful things in this Norland system ,

  • Outstanding Health products
  • Steady weekly and Monthly earnings
  • Free cash,
  • Free International trip
  • Free SUV
  • House fund
  • House hold electronics
  • A large team of business partners
    and many more

In this 30 days series, starting today, we will expose to you all the necessary secrets required to achieve your goals in this business.

Below is the outline of the 30 days road map

Day 1 > Why you need another source of income called ‘LEVERAGE’
Day 2 > What is Networking
Day 3 > Why Network Marketing
Day 4 > NORLAND as a Company
Day 5 > 10/10 CC, Being a Team player
Day 6 > NORLAND Nigeria (Profile Intl and Natl)
Day 7 > NORLAND Products (Why people fall sick)
Day 8 > Diseases and the product combinations
Day 9 > Testimonies of NORLAND Products.
Day 10 > NORLAND Business – The Game Changer
Day 11 > Why NORLAND Business
Day 12 > How to join NORLAND and the instant benefits
Day 13 > The Bonuses. Retail Profit (optional) 1. Product Voucher 2. Fast Start Bonus
Day 14 > Group Performance Bonus and Leadership Bonus
Day 15 > Retail Bonus and 12 Generations Repurchase bonus
Day 16 > Benefit Bonus of Free cash, 2. Free Trip, 3. Free Car, 4. Ranks in NORLAND,
Day 17 > Wealth Testimonies of income, SUV, free cash and many others
Day 18 > Understanding your NORLAND Office (Backoffice)
Day 19 > How to Become a Mega Stockist in NORLAND
Day 20 > Learn how to Build a Business Empire
Day 21 > Introduction to GOPRO and top American Network Marketers
Day 22 > The needed Skills, – Finding Prospects – Skill 1
Days 23 > Inviting prospects – Skill 2
Day 24 > Presenting to Prospects – Skill 3
Day 25 > Follow -Up with Prospects – Skill 4
Day 26 > Converting Prospects (Closing) – Skills 5
Day 27 > Getting New Partners started rightly – Skill 6
Day 28 > Promoting Events – Skill 7
Day 29 > Setting Smart Goals
Day 30 > Go Succeed Only When you Practice.

I will strongly advice you give this business a 30 days trial, as you diligently follow the principles and directions of the guide.

Success is Sure on the Other Side.

Go Learn, Practice, Teach and Earn all the bonuses.

Thank you,

Godson Oniuko
Founder 10/10 Connection Campaign
Your No.1 Health based Networking Coach