The Intrapreneur


Because Intrapreneurship can be a difficult concept to understand at first, let’s take a look at a few of the most famous products birthed from the Intrapreneurial spirit.

We can start with Facebook.

What do you do when you’re surfing Facebook and see a post that you love? You click the like button! That famous button was developed during an Intrapreneurial event that Facebook regularly hosts for its employees called a hackathon.

Alright moving on, what about email?

On a daily basis, around 1.2 billion people send and receive emails using this particular service. Odds are that even you have an account with this particular service. So, which service am I talking about?


Gmail is another product of Intrapreneurship. This one product alone changed the entire future of Google. An “employee” actually came up with the idea during the “free time” that Google gives all of its team members.

Here’s one more that happens to be one of my favorites…

Ken Kutaragi, a junior employee at Sony, became obsessed with tinkering with his daughter’s Nintendo to make it better. He wanted to use his creativity to build a better product.

After years of having the freedom to play around with these ideas, Mr. Kutaragi helped Sony launch its now world-famous gaming system, the PlayStation.

This one Intrapreneur helped propel Sony to the top of a massively popular industry.

Yet another Intrapreneurial win.

In all these examples, all it took was one dedicated person owning a process. They…

  • Discovered a problem or opportunity
  • Created and innovated
  • Led a team of people
  • Solved a problem
  • Created immense value

These individuals were not in business for themselves. They did not get an idea and run out to create a startup. Rather, they used the resources of their parent company to innovate. Even with these resources, they still took on all the stress, pressure, and responsibility of owning the entire journey.

It would be hard to argue that these people are not Entrepreneurs, and that’s exactly where the term Intrapreneur comes from.

Looking past these conglomerates, my own company, NORLAND Ind., is a perfect example. Our company is full of Nigeria Intrapreneurs, and their innovation has led to…

  • A 1 million dollar 1 week sales in late 2020
  • Different Health and wealth conferences and summits worth over $10 million in value
  • Genuinely helping people to be healthy and wealthy and reducing poverty
  • The entire Health and Wealth Industry.

Even though my amazing team members (10/10 Connection campaign) don’t run their own companies, they do own their own Brands. We help each other to create different brands that helps to grow our collective Norland System. They’re self-inspired, self-motivated, and self-managed.

So, there you have it. The first part of the traditional definition which said “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses” is no longer valid.

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