Norland Health Insole Shoe Nourishing Pad


Nouripad shoe insole has good function and effect on foot problem; cervical vertebra problem; lumbar vertebra problem and Morpheus problem.
Also, it has good improvement and effect on the hypertensive, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia caused by the blocked meridians and blood vessels on the frequency, urgency and nocturnal urine caused by male prostate hyperplasia as well as on the obesity and endocrine disorder caused by female ovaries; dysmenorrhea and hyperplasia of the mammary glands.



  • Eliminates fatigue and relieve stress
  • It promotes the regulation of the nervous system therefore improving sleep quality.
  • It prevents hypertension and helps to regulate the nervous and endocrine systems. Therefore balancing the blood pressure.
  • It helps to relieve arthritis.
  • It strengthens blood circulation.
  • It activates the nerve end of the legs.
  • Hence it connects the upper and lower nervous systems.
  • It improves hyperglycemia; so it regulates the endocrine system.
  • It promotes the recovery of the pancreatic islet cells and controls blood glucose.
  • It enhances skin metabolism and decomposes body fat.
  • Therefore it helps to make the skin white and keep the body slim.


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