Norland Kuding Tea For Weight Loss


The modern clinic investigation showed us that KUDING tea could remove heat and clear toxin, diminish inflammation and get rid of bacteria, stop coughing and remove phiegm, strengthen the function of stomach and increase digestion, Refresh people’s mind, Defend cancer, Decrease blood pressure and Cholesterol.

It has the reputation of preventing deterioration of heart and brain function, and also maintain proper body weight.

Kuding Tea –Rich in antioxidants, it has polyphenols, flavonoids, quercetin, selenium, vitamins like C, D, E, and minerals. The flavonoids in NORLAND Kuding tea is over 10 times of that in other tea leaves.

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  • Prevents common cold and flu
  • Alleviates rhinitis, itching eyes, red eyes caused by wind-heat
  • Improves mental focus and memory
  • Detoxifies and improves healthy bowel movement
  • Accelerates blood circulation, reduces blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.
  • Prevent deterioration of heart and brain function
  • It maintains proper body weight.
  • It is said to alleviate fidgets and alleviate thirst especially when one is suffering from disease that causes fever and severe diarrhea.
  • It invigorate digestion and thus used in treating bronchitis


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