Immune Vital Capsules


Norland Immune Vital Capsules is mainly made up of sheep placenta extract, soy isoflavones, lecithin etc. It is most importantly good for those with low immunity to build there It is most importantly good for those with low immunity to build their immune faster. Enhance the immune system to help prevent disease sit helps increases libido and semen quality. Improves quality sleep and reduces stress. Promotes healthy Organs of the body by supporting the white blood cells to combat diseases. A strong immune system helps our body against diseases and body disorders.


Immune Vital is composed of mainly ginseng, lycopene, zinc gluconate and folic acid all gotten from natural roots and herbs.

Benefits and Functions of Immune Vital:

1. It improves physical fitness and immunity
2. It nourishes the liver and kidney
3. It lowers blood pressure
4. It increases semen and sperm quality in men
5. It helps organs of the body by supporting white blood cells to fight against diseases
6. It helps to eliminate free radicals from the body
7. It helps correct erectile dysfunction
8. It also helps control diabetes
9. It improves sleep quality
10. It helps improve thinking ability and eye sight.
11. Protects brain cells
12. It reduces body stress.

How to use Immune Vital
Take 1 capsule 2 times daily

It’s suitable for both male and female with low immunity but not suitable for pregnant women and children

Immune Vital is approved by NAFDAC and FDA


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