Finger Millet Cereal


Nature’s First mixed spices is a 100% natural crushed blend of sweet spices that can be used for soups/stews, Jollof, porridge and meat/fish marinades to improve taste and make it appetizing.



Finger millet contains about protein, ether extractives, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and minerals. Of all the cereals and millets, finger millet has the highest amount of calcium and potassium. Gluten free.


Prevents constipation, high cholesterol formation, diabetes and intestinal cancer due to its high fiber content. Used as a folk remedy for various ailments including leprosy, liver disease, measles, pleurisy, pneumonia, and smallpox. Regular consumption can effectively reduce the risk of diabetes and gastrointestinal tract ailments. Significantly lower plasma glucose levels. Good for bone.


As custard or pap.


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