Anion Sanitary Napkin (For Menstrual Flow)


Following extensive research and testing, our Research & Development team has developed an Anion Sanitary Napkin that increases the dissemination of negative ions resulting in a higher anti-bacterial function.

The enhanced embedded anion sanitary napkin and far-infrared ray function, within the sanitary napkins, inhibits the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, micro-circulation, increases the growth of bio-enzyme, regulates acidic secretions in the vaginal and improve women’s self-protection and disease prevention ability.

The anion sanitary napkin, which is bio-magnetic and activates the human bio-current, preventing various diseases and vaginal itching.

Get your Anion Sanitary Napkin for your monthly Menstrual flow.

The Sanitary Pad

(a) Eliminate Menstrual Pains
(b) It eliminates odour
(c) It is antibacterial, very hygienic
(d) Absorption rate is very high
(e) promotes metabolism and improve endocrine function.
(f) anti inflammatory

More Benefits Of Sanitary Pad
It is air permeable
It allows passage of oxygen to the womb
It prevents menstrual pains
It prevents odour
It also shrinks fibroid
It prevents infection

Usuage Of Sanitary Pad
It is worn during menstrual flow and also used to smooth skin and prevent ageing of hair.

It is attached to the pants and worn during menstrual flow.

It comes in a pack of 8 pieces


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