Acne, whether in the form of whiteheads or blackheads appearing on the skin is a discomforting disease that affects a large number of individuals, young and old alike.

Developing as a result of the build up of bacteria and dead cells in combination with the over-production of oil in the hair follicles, these tender bumps with pus that develop can really plague one’s face and distort one’s skin. Most folks, in addition to several expensive facial treatments try to cover up this annoying condition with beauty products all to no avail. All this they do to conceal their face from view and deal with a battered self-confidence all day, resulting in nerve-wracking self-consciousness about their physical appearance.

The good news is, there is a way out for all suffering from Acne. So, why spend so much time and energy managing and coping with acne when you can get rid of it all together? This combination of powerful organic products proffer a lasting solution to your problems with acne.

This is the best solution to Acne,

Get the best therapy for the permanent solution to ACNE.


G.I VITAL SOFT GELРThis would help replace dead cells and  repair damaged skin cells  as well as prevent scar formation or breakage of skin.

BETA CAROTENE: This will help take care of the aging process of the skin and help renew the strength of the cells in the skin.

MEBO Cream– This unique product helps rid the face of acne and removes the clogged up bacteria and dead cells thus achieving a natural youthful glow for the skin and promoting self-confidence.

Herbal Toothpaste: This serve as a soap for washing the face as it help kill all form or bacteria infection in the skin. it also help in ameliorating pain as a result of Acne.

BONUS: When you purchase the ACNE Solution, We will provide a Health Expert who will direct you on how to use the products and also follow you up on the progress of your health.

The treatment is for a period of one (1) month.


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