Hello Network Marketer!


!!! You want to earn the big money in your profession, and stay active constantly, RIGHT?

I have the blueprint!!!

Let me quickly ask

  • Do you struggle to earn 7 figures income, like a million naira monthly in your network marketing business?
  • Do you struggle to figure out what to do in each day of you business?
  • Do you lack the right content necessary to convince your audience to see what you promote?
  • Do you desire to know what to do for the next 90 days of your business, that will help you hit the next rank?
  • Do you have a small or large team that depend on you for information and action, but you don’t have a plan?
  • How will you feel, if you have a good Facebook presence, where people ask you how they can join your business?

My Story – 

Godson Oniuko -Ikenga1

I struggled in 2019 in my network marketing business…

After reading GO PRO by Eric Worre and other network marketing books πŸ“š,

I still couldn’t figure out exactly what to do on a daily basis consistently to give me the desired result.

Because I needed results, I started buying course online to the point that I spent over 500K in purchasing different e-books, courses, manuals, workbooks etc.

The problem with these tools I bought was simple, most of them can’t work in Nigeria.


We live in a different clime from the experiences of the authors. And so, I struggled with results.


After so much trials and errors, I finally got the right KEYS… Note the ‘s’ in the Keys very carefully.


Don’t be deceived, no one-single Key πŸ”‘ can work in network marketing, most especially in Nigeria.

There is NO simple plug that can show you everything you need, because the industry is wide  and requires much work.

I know you must have tried your hand on many things just like I did.

That’s why I decided to provide a unique solution to this problem.


Like you heard the name, it’s a PACKAGE that covers different angles that will help you scale up your network marketing business in Nigeria.


How excited will you be if you get a Package that can take care of the different tools necessary for your success in your industry?


This package is unique for Africans generally and Nigerians in particular.
It’s covers the right areas needed for success, like

*30 Days Game Plan with daily cash generating tasks to stay consistent,

*How to Use Facebook to grow your business,

*Daily affirmations for self improvement,

*60 facebook done-for-you content,

*and many more.


Like I said before, I finally got the right keys. I got the desired result, I got the breakthrough.

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½I qualified for my brand new SUV, INNOSON IKENGA 2020 Model.

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½I qualified for free international trip to Dubai and Kenya

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½I also qualified for different cash Promos to the tone of 3.5million.

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½I qualified for multiple electronics.

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½I was also able to build a large Network of over 5,000 distributors and over 20,000 customers across Nigeria and 5 other countries.

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½I’ve helped thousands of network marketers from different companies achieve greatness.

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½Today, I’m your number 1 Health Based Networking Coach.

THANK GOD I TRIED THE OPTIONS… Though It took me a longer time, but I finally got the right keys.

This is the reason why I took my time to prepare this package.

“Success Requires Speed…” Ezike Paul

or will you want to go through the Long journey of spending 3 years trying to figure out the right keys,

when you have the option right in your from that will save you many years of hard work and longsuffering.

This is a plug and Play Package.
A smart work that will bring you right into your future.

Benefits of Getting the Naija Networker Success Package

1. It contain a 30DAYS Game Plan series, with this template, you will be able to know the daily tasks that will generate constant sales, get more business partners into your network and stay active daily.

2. With the Facebook Success manual, you will be able to know how to package your facebook profile and convert it into a cash generating funnel.

3. With the Daily Affirmation Plan, you will know the right words to say to yourself on a daily basis to improve your confidence.

4. With the 30 facebook Done-for-you content, you will not struggle with what you will post, just copy and paste… And grow your facebook algorithms.

5. With the Leadership Roadmap, you will be able to know the right instructions to dish out to your business partners constantly.

Is this not wonderful?

See what people are saying about working directly with me

See What I’m Offering you

The Package that contain

βœ…Daily Task for successful network marketers from the 30Days Game Plan Challenge
Value 10,000

βœ…27 Strategies Needed to Build a Successful network marketing business Using Facebook.
Value: 7,000

βœ… A Daily Affirmation Plan, an E-book , that will help you stay confident.
Value: 2,000

βœ… 30 Facebook posts that are already written for you.
Value: 3,500

βœ…Leadership Guide on how to direct your team
Value: 5,000

If you get the NAIJA NETWORKER SUCCESS PACKAGE, you will get the following bonuses

1. 30 days Reminder SMS to stay active
Value #2,000

2. 30 Health Posts for facebook
Value #1,000

3. Private facebook community
Value #2,000


βœ…30Days Game Plan 10,000

βœ…Facebook Strategies 7,000

βœ…Daily Affirmation 2,000

βœ…30 facebook Posts 3,500

βœ…Leadership Guide 4,500

βœ…30 Days SMS 2,000

βœ…30 Health Post for Facebook 1,000

βœ…Private Facebook Community 2,000

Total 35,000


You can pay with you ATM CARD

Pay: Bank Transfer

Account Name: Godson Oniuko
Account Number: 2213265809
Bank: Zenith
Account Type: Savings

Send proof of payment to 08064929596

“This is the greatest network marketing tool in Africa, Thanks to Coach Godson for putting everything together!”

Peace JosephPeace JosephGold Medalist

I’m offering this bonus price for the first few persons who will take action. And they will have a personal mentorship from me.

After now, you will get the package for N12,000 only even without my direct guidance.

Why not take action now!!!

Pay: Bank Transfer

Account Name: Godson Oniuko
Account Number: 2213265809
Bank: Zenith
Account Type: Savings

Send proof of payment to 08064929596

If you don’t find the desired value in this package, you will get your money back 100%
Trust me on my words.

Do one thing for your business,
take this package and testify like others.

Remember, Network Marketing is a sure way to success.

Get the right tool now.

Pay: Bank Transfer

Account Name: Godson Oniuko
Account Number: 2213265809
Bank: Zenith
Account Type: Savings

Send proof of payment to 08064929596