It all started when the call for employment came after my University education. While believing God for a good job, I said yes to St Luke Hospital Asaba in 2014. However, working 24 days a month and receiving less than 10% of my effort created a huge financial crisis for me. 

In 2016, dollar went up to over 500 naira/$1. This made my financial situation to deteriorate to a level that I couldn’t even pay little bills. That same year, I decided to own a small drug outlet to help me grow my financial capacity. 

Things went from bad to worse in 2017 when my job couldn’t allow me to manage my small drug outlet due to distance and insecurity challenges. I ended the year 2017 with a conclusion; SALARY and self-employment cannot give me the financial stability that is required to cope in Nigeria.

After much part-time involvement in an uncommon industry, in 2018, I decided to do Network Marketing full-time on my own terms. 

I qualified for my first All-expenses paid trip to Dubai and Kenya.  In July 2020, I got a 10.5m SUV incentive from my company. 

What a Journey!!!

After I resigned my job, my life was plagued with so much uncertainty. So I decided to actively promote Healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurship. I joined NORLAND Industrial Group in April 2019. My friends mocked me, my colleagues assured me of unemployment for a long time.  

Notwithstanding, I took the decision to change my life, 3 months later I became a Silver medalist (a leader with 1million minimum income). With over 100 health testimonies in my team. I was happy. 

I continued maintaining my strategy in the business, 2 months later, I became a Gold medalist, with more health challenges permanently handled through NORLAND products. 

My team grew very big, and in September I qualified for an all-expense paid trip to Dubai with 200,000-naira shopping fund. In November, I enjoyed that trip again with 5 of my team members. 

Today, I have risen to the position of Silver Diamond Plus, my wife is a Gold Medalist and my little daughter is a Silver medalist. 

It has been a beautiful journey.

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