8 Reasons Why Health Is Your Greatest Wealth
Health is Wealth

Health Is Your Greatest Wealth

The greatest “Wealth is Health.”  I believe that but I cannot take credit for the quote. It is attributed to Virgil, an ancient Roman poet. So we’re not talking about a new discovery here; more like a tried and true fact. Recognizing the direct correlation between health and wealth should not be overlooked, and I’m not suggesting money isn’t important, as we all need money to live, but I’m afraid that we take our health for granted at times which can impact our wealth and our ability to live a rich life.

1. Medical bills are expensive.

Healthy people save money on medical costs. Sick people spend their hard earned cash on medical bills rather than on things they enjoy.

2. Healthy workers are more productive.

When we are in good health, we can work more productively. Studies have shown that people in good health are able to earn more money and work more productively.

3. Feeling great gives you confidence.

When you have a high level of wellbeing, you will also tend to have a confident and go-getting attitude which will enable you to succeed in all of your aspirations.

4. Health insurance becomes more expensive.

If you get sick, your health insurance bills can skyrocket. In Nigeria, we don’t even have health Insurance, You pay as you get sick.

5. Exercise is free.

Any good businessperson will tell you that if you pay nothing and get plenty in return, you have made a great deal. Exercise like jogging, yoga in your front room or dancing is totally free and yet it significantly enhances your physical and mental health and thus your material wealth.

6. Healthy people can stay productive for longer.

Making money takes energy, so healthy energy levels are often necessary. If you cultivate good healthy habits, you can keep earning money later in life.

7. Good Health boosts your brain power.

Foods rich in zinc, omega fatty acids and other vital nutrients keep your brain working to its highest potential.

8. Health is an investment.

Health is your greatest wealth

You may spend money on sneakers, smoothies and so on. But, this is an investment that will pay dividends.

Taking good care of your health could be challenging, but it is important. It may be difficult to make it a priority, especially when you have a busy schedule, but start by adopting small changes every day.

Change your lifestyle, take a holistic approach towards health, and lead a cheerful life.


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